Boat Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Nothing quite beats a day out on the water, whether you are just swimming, floating, fishing, or enjoying some thrilling watersports.  For as much fun as boats can be, they can also be damaged by rocks, logs, or other boats.  This can cut down the already short summer, so let us help you get back to boating as soon as possible.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Pays for damage to your boat.  The coverage varies widely by company, but let us help you choose the right coverage to fit your circumstances.

If you have an outboard boat you will want to make sure it is included in either the boat limit or shown separately on the policy.  

Pays for injury, death and damages you may be responsible for as the result of a boating accident.  It also pays for defense costs associated with the accident.  You should make sure your policy covers watersport liability if plan on having any watersports.

Optional Coverage Available:

Trailers are not automatically covered as not every boat owner has one.  Covers the trailer while it is hauling the boat, as well as when it is in storage.

If you have any auxiliary motors such as a tolling motor, they can be added to your policy.

Allows you to rent a boat while your boat is being repaired due to an insured accident.  There is usually a limit on this coverage.

Reimburses you if you have a boat fire and the fire department sends you a bill for their services.

Pays for the expense to remove the boat from the water if has sunk to the bottom of a lake.

Covers all your contents on board such as your fishing gear, clothes, food, coolers, etc.  

Let one of our experienced brokers guide you through boat insurance and give you the peace of mind to drive with confidence.  We balance the needs of every individual and understand everyone has different priorities.  Call today to let us help you at 905-623-4406.