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Whether you are just starting or have been in business for many years, business insurance is vital to help protect what you have worked so hard to build.  Let our experienced brokers help provide you with the advice you need to ensure your business is protected against the many risks it faces.

What Kind of Business Do You Have?

The Basics Of Insuring Your Business

No two businesses are the same, which is why every business insurance policy is tailored to fit your business.  Whether you are just getting your business off the ground or have been around for many years, we have solutions to help your business succeed.  We take the time to review your current operations, assets and risks, and provide you with options that you are comfortable with and can rely on.  The coverages listed below are the cornerstones of every business policy, however, there are many other coverage options that are available to you.  Please give our office a call and we can help you choose the right coverage for your business.

Known in the industry as Commercial General Liability, this is the part of your policy that pays for if you injure or cause damage to any property during the course of your business.  It is the cornerstone to any commercial policy and covers slip & falls, product liability and much more. There are many exclusions on the basic Commercial General Liability Policies, so it is best to check with us to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Covers damage caused to your building to fire, water, wind etc.    The coverage varies with each company so you need to make sure you are comfortable with the coverage that you have.

Depending on your business you may want to insure the contents which are inside the building.  It is important to tell your insurer what kind of contents you want insurance for, as office supplies are much different than heavy equipment.  Typically machinery, tools and equipment fall under a different category, which is listed separately under your policy.  Never assume the contents of your building are automatically covered under contents.  Also you need to tell your insurer if your contents will be leaving your property such as contractor’s tools, laptops, or stock that you ship to another location or customer.

If something were to happen to your building, contents or equipment the income of your business most likely will be affected, and you may incur extra expenses that you would not normally have.  Coverage is available to pay for the lost income as well as the extra exepenses that you have.

Crime coverage pays for fraud, forgery, employee theft, robbery and more.  It is very important not only for your business, but also to give your customers piece of mind that they are covered if one of your employees steal from them.

There is much more to every business insurance policy, but these are a few of the basic coverages that most policies should include.  Every business is different and will require coverage to fit your needs.   Please look at our specific business pages for more information regarding your type of business or feel free to contact us so you can get the coverage that is right for your business.  We realize as a business owner you can be extremely busy so please reach out to us in the way that suits you best.  You can call us at 905-623-4406, email us at or stop by our office which is located in the heart of downtown Bowmanville.