Cash Crop Insurance

Why Choose Us?

We have been insuring farms surrounding Bowmanville for over a hundred years. While farming may have drastically changed, we remain constant with our knowledge and quality service to keep you farming no matter what happens.

The Basics

 Covers your liability for yourself, your farm, products and operations.  

Covers all of your outbuildings you use store equipment, and silos to store their crops in.  We offer different options to fit your needs and can cover silos, elevators, generators, dryers, pumps and more.  They can be included with the building or scheduled separately.

Farms have come a long way from the days of horse pulled plows, with large tractors and attachments dominating the industry.  We can insure your equipment to suit your needs, so you don’t have to worry when your tractor goes missing, or your baler hits a rock. 

We can cover your produce after it is taken off your field, and in your silo.

We can cover all of your mobile equipment that you need, such as generators, GPS, carts, cultivators etc.

Other Coverage to Consider

Covers the cost to clean up chemicals or other pollutants after spills or leaks.  Can cover your own land, surrounding land or both.

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If your tractor is stolen, barn burns is damaged in a windstorm, or silo burns, you will potentially lost a large amount of your income for the year, or now have extra expenses so you can rent buildings, or equipment so you can continue farming.  This coverage pays for your lost income or extra expenses.

With the reliance on tractors, generators, pumps, conveyors etc, most farms rely more on technology than ever before.  Equipment breakdown coverage pays the unexpected costs if your equipment suddenly breaks down without warning.  

With an ever growing reliance on technology, farms are more open to hackers attacking their machinery, equipment and computers.  Examples of claims that have happened are if you opened an email that contained a virus and then later you emailed a supplier and infect their systems – you can be liable for their damages.

This is just a brief overview as each farm is unique, and each solution should be tailored for your farm.  One of our staff would be happy to speak to you regarding your farm and visit you to ensure you have coverage that fits you and your business.