Cattle Farm Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Farms have changed drastically over the past few years, and it is vital you have the right insurance to protect your most important assets.  With over 100 years of experience protecting local farmers, let us help you make the right choices so you can get back to doing what you do best.

The Basic Coverage

Liability is one of the most important parts of your policy.  It pays for if your cows get loose, someone slips on your property, or cows you sell injure someone.  It also pays for all your defense costs which can become very expensive.

Depending on what type of cattle farm you have we can insure your cattle individually or for a blanket amount.  They can be covered from anything from lightning to strangulation or disease.

Your barns may be used to store your equipment, provide cover for your cattle, store feed, used as a workshop and much more.  We offer a wide variety of coverages to fit your needs and the condition of your buildings.  

From single tractors to large implements we can cover equipment individually or cover all the equipment on your farm.  

Coverage to Consider

If something happens to your barns, equipment or cattle you will most likely lose income or have extra expenses until your barns or equipment can be repaired or replaced.  This coverage pays for the lost income, and helps protect your farm.

With farms relying more on technology they are now much more susceptible to attacks by cyber criminals who may try to steal your information or attack your computers, equipment and tractors. 

With relying on equipment more than ever before it can be devastating when it suddenly stops working.  Equipment Breakdown coverage pays to get your equipment fixed or replaced.

While your farm liability typically includes pollution liability, this coverage only pays if the spill reaches your neighbor’s property, and will not pay to clean up your own property.  Adding Pollution Cleanup coverage will pay for the expenses to clean up spills on your own property ie your diesel tank leaks.   

We understand every farm is different and requires a policy to match its needs.  Please call our office at 905-623-4406 and speak to one of our experienced brokers who would be happy to help you choose the coverage that is right for you and your farm.