Classic Car Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Our business has seen all the trends over the years and we know that newer isn’t always better.  Classic cars require a special touch to ensure they keep their pristine condition, and your insurance should be just as special.  We have companies that offer unique programs designed to ensure your most prized possession is properly protected.

What is Covered?

Classic Car Insurance typically includes the same basic coverage as your regular car insurance and includes the following.

Pays for injury, death and damages you may be responsible for as the result of a car accident.  It also pays for defense costs associated with the accident.  

This coverage extends your policy to make sure you are insured even if the other driver does not have insurance.  

Accident Benefits are also known as no fault insurance.  It is important to look at the limits and conditions, which are set by the government.  Generally it pays for a portion of your income if you are unable to work, for medical expenses not covered by OHIP, Funeral Expenses, Housekeeping Expenses and provides for help around the house if you are unable to do your daily chores.  This is one of the most important parts of your policy, which means it is extremely important you understand what is covered, and if you have enough coverage.  Our brokers are more than happy to explain your options.

Pays to repair damage to your own vehicle if you are at fault, for hit and run accidents, as well as single car accidents.  

Pays to repair the damage to your vehicle from fire, theft, lightning, windstorm, hail, earthquake, explosion, riots, falling objects, vandalism and more.  

What Additional Coverage is Available

Classic Car Insurers know your car may be one of a kind and needs additional coverage to fully protect you if something happens to your car.

Unlike your everyday commuter where there are many cars to compare it with, your classic car might be one of a kind.  This means we have the insurance company agree to a specific value for your car, so if anything happens there will be no haggling on what it is worth.  The value can be determined either through your own knowledge or by having an appraisal done on the car.  It is always a good idea to update the value as you work on your car, as it can increase substantially depending on the amount of work and condition the car is in.

Gives you the option to keep your car even if it is written off.  The company will even help you source parts, and get your car back into the same pristine condition it was before the accident.

Some classic cars can be a constant work in progress depending on the state you purchased it in.  Your homeowners policy only covers a limited amount of automobile parts so how do you cover those spare parts you haven’t had the time to install yet?  Your classic car insurance can be extended to cover all these loose parts before they are installed, letting you focus on the car with peace of mind.

Your classic car should only be towed by a flatbed in order to ensure it does not get damaged any further.  

What Qualifies for Classic Car Insurance?

Every company has different requirements but here are some basic requirements across all companies.

Classic cars are typically 20 years or older.  Not all older vehicles qualify as a mass produced car that is 20 years old may not be considered a classic vehicle.  If you are not sure, you can always ask us.

If you use your classic vehicle for daily use then you won’t qualify for classic car insurance.  This insurance is meant for the relaxing Sunday drives or perhaps a few car shows a year.  Classic car policies cost much less than regular policies as the companies anticipate the use to be much less than a regular car.  They should also be put away for the winter as salt, snow and ice are not very kind to any vehicle.

Although not all companies require appraisals, they are still great to have for your own peace of mind.

Where do you store your classic car?  A prized possession should be put away in a garage or storage when not in use, protecting it from the elements.  

Have you repaired the car back to its original glory or have you decided to make a few modifications to your classic vehicle?  Insurance companies need to know if you have modified the car, and what modifications you have made in order to determine if you qualify.

Let one of our experienced brokers guide you through classic auto insurance and give you the peace of mind to drive with confidence.  We balance the needs of every individual and understand everyone has different priorities.  Call today to let us help you 905-623-4406.