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What do you picture when visiting your Cottage or Trailer?  Relaxing by the lake with family and friends, enjoying an evening bonfire? Unfortunately emergencies can ruin your relaxation very quickly, leaving lots of work and very little play.  Let us help you rebuild your cottage, so you can get back to relaxing before the summer ends.  

Cottage Insurance

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What Does Cottage Insurance Include?

Cottage Insurance is quite flexible to meet the needs of your cottage, so you have peace of mind in an emergency.   Docks are usually included in this part of your policy as well, however please check with us to make sure they are properly insured.

Outbuildings such as detached garages, boat houses and sheds are automatically included in your policy as long as they are not used for business and/or farming.  However you should always consult us to ensure the limits on these buildings is enough.

Your contents may or may not be covered depending on the coverage you choose.  It is always best to check how much coverage you have under contents, as well as what coverage is offered for your contents.  Boats can be added to your policy, but are not automatically included.

Liability can be included in your policy or extended from your home policy however it is always best to ask us to make sure!  You have to be careful if you are renting your cottage as your policy will not automatically extend to cover cottage rentals.  Also if you have a boat your liability will not automatically extend to cover it.  

What Does Trailer Insurance Include?

Trailers can be covered under either your car insurance policy, or a property policy – much like your home insurance policy.  There are a few major differences depending on how you use the trailer.  Coverage can widely vary depending on the age of the trailer, the use and where it is normally stored.  A common exclusion is for mice, raccoons and vermin.

When your trailer is parked at a campsite you will need to have liability insurance.  This protects you if someone were to hurt themselves at your campsite.  You can also add golf cart liability to your policy, to protect yourself if you injure someone with a golf cart while at the park or golf course.

Can be added to your trailer policy depending on the type of policy you choose.  It is important to remember that anything permanently attached to the trailer is included in the value of the trailer itself.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Include?

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Outbuildings such as detached garages, and sheds are automatically included in your policy as long as they are not used for business and/or farming.  It is important to let us know if you have any detached private structures because the automatic limit may not be enough to rebuild or replace them.

Your contents are typically covered under a Mobile Home Policy.  However, it is best to check with us to make sure!

 If your Mobile Home burns down to the ground, where will you live?  This is the part of the policy which provides you a place to live while your Mobile Home is being repaired or rebuilt.  It could be a hotel, rented house, condo or even with a family member.

If you accidentally burned down your friends house, would you have enough money in your bank account to repay them? For the vast majority the answer would be a resounding NO, which is why your liability is included as part of your policy.  Liability covers you and your family for your personal negligent actions.  We all make mistakes, and this coverage ensures you do not go bankrupt because of them.  Please ask us to further help you with this coverage, as it also has many other benefits.

Please call our office for a quote or to ask us questions regarding the coverage.  The explanations above are only a general overview and there are many options to fit your personal circumstances.