Equine Farm Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Farms have changed drastically over the past few years, and it is vital you have the right insurance to protect your most important assets.  With over 100 years of experience protecting local farmers, let us help you make the right choices so you can get back to doing what you do best.

The Basics

Pays for your liability if someone trips and falls on your property, a rider falls off a horse, a horse bites someone or a horse gets out onto the road and causes an accident.  This is typically your most important coverage, as it will pay for the settlement and legal fees to defend you.

Stables, and arenas are essential to any equine farm providing shelter for the horses, and a place for students to ride.  We can cover both buildings for a wide variety of claims, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.  

Horses truly are the lifeblood of any horse farm, being the reason why your clients come to your farm.  You can insure your horses for a wide variety of perils which would pay for vet bills if something were to happen to them.

Although the horses are still very much the workhorses of the farm, equipment such as tractors, ATVs, Gators and backhoes have replaced the manual labor they used to provide.  We can insure all your equipment as one blanket limit, or individually if you prefer.

Tack can become expensive in a hurry, as anyone who has walked into a tack store can attest.  We can insure all your tack together, you just have to choose a limit.

Other Items to Consider

If you board horses on your farm you should consider non-owned livestock coverage, which will cover your liability if something happens to the horses under your care.  

With the rising cost of hay and feed, this can be covered as a lump sum.  We can also insure supplements, vitamins, medicine etc.

If you have a claim for a horse, barn or equipment then there is a very high chance you will lose income because of it.  We can pay for the additional expenses you have due to a claim, or the income you have lost until you can get back up and running. 

When riding a horse injuries and accidents occur that are no one’s fault.  It could be the horse slips, or is spooked and the rider comes off.  When injuries occur you can have an accident benefit policy in place that pays for medical bills if one of your clients are injured.  

Covers the cost to clean up chemicals or other pollutants after spills or leaks.  Can cover your own land, surrounding land or both.

This is just a brief overview as each farm is unique and each solution should be tailored for your farm.  One of our staff would be happy to speak to you regarding your farm, and come visit you to make sure you have coverage that fits you and your business.