Garage Auto Insurance

Why Choose Us?

With running any business it can be stressful and hectic.  It can be even more so in a garage, where your customers are always in a hurry.  One of our experienced brokers can help guide you for which coverage you need in order to properly protect your business, so you can get back to fixing vehicles and your customers can get back on the road.

The Basics

Covers your liability if a customer slips and falls on your premise, if you cause damage to a customer’s vehicle while repairing it, or if one of your repairs causes a car accident.  Your liability coverage is the single most important part of your policy.

Whether you rent or own your building, you will want to make sure you insure it so if it damaged or destroyed you can have it rebuilt.

From your hoist to compressors, generators, lathe, press, welder and more, all mechanics rely on their tools to get the job done.  We can insure all your equipment if it is stolen or damaged.

From wrenches to prybars, drills, impacts, hammers and more, the tools you have in the shop can become very expensive very quickly if you had to replace them all at once.  We can add them to your policy, so you don’t have to worry about them walking off in the middle of the night.

You will need a separate policy to cover your customers vehicles while they are at your shop or being test driven, as it is covered under a special type of auto insurance called Garage Auto Insurance.  This covers your liability if you cause an accident, as well as to repair the physical damage to the car.

Additional Coverage to Consider

Although you can most likely replace your tools the next day, your shop and some of your equipment will take a little longer.  Lost income pays for the income you lose while your business can’t operate.  It will also pay for extra expenses so your business can continue running such as renting another shop or equipment/tools.

With all cars relying more on electronics, 

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Please call our office for a quote or to ask us questions regarding the coverage.  The explanations above are only a general overview and there are many options to fit your personal circumstances.