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How to Save on Car Insurance

While many auto insurers have reduced their premiums and provided additional discounts due to Covid 19, there are still other options to save on your car insurance during these difficult times.

1) Combine your insurance together: Most insurance companies offer discounts the more you have insured with them. Try to combine all of

your insurance with the same company in order to maximize your discounts.

2) Drive Safely: Tickets and accidents can make your insurance premiums increase drastically. To ensure you have the best rate make sure you have a clean driving record.

3) Ask for quotes before purchasing a car: A large portion of your premium is determined by the car you purchase. The price of your vehicle does not always determine how expensive it is to insure, so it is best to ask for a quote from your insurance company prior to making a new purchase.

4) Drive Less: Insurance companies rate for how often you drive, so consider car pooling, or taking a bus or train to work. If you are no longer commuting be sure to let your insurance company know.

5) Purchase winter tires: Although the discounts are small for winter tires, it does make your vehicle safer and provides a small credit. Most insurers will allow the discount for the entire year, so you can add this discount on even in the middle of summer as long as you have a set of winter tires.

6) Pay for your insurance upfront: Most companies charge a fee for paying monthly, so it is best to pay for the entire year upfront if possible. Some companies also offer additional discounts for paying for your entire policy at once.

7) Reduce coverage on older vehicles: If your vehicle is nearing the end of its life you may consider reducing coverage on the vehicle. With less coverage this will offer some savings.

8) Purchase a vehicle with additional safety features: Some companies offer discounts for having additional safety features such as autonomous braking, blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning. If you have these features ask your insurer if you qualify for any additional discounts.

9) Take Drivers Training: Participating in a driver’s training program will give you additional discounts especially if you are a younger driver.

10) Park you car: If you can manage without your car, insurers can suspend coverage on your vehicle until you need to start driving again.

At James Insurance we realize everyone’s situation is different, and we are here to help you during these difficult times. Please give our office a call 905-623-4406 if you have any questions and one of our experienced brokers would be happy to help.