Office Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Offices exist in almost every business so it is important for you to be insured correctly. From Dentists to Mortgage Brokers, Doctors to Accountants it is important that you protect yourself from unforeseen events.

The Basics of Office Insurance

his is the part of your policy that pays for those slips and falls that happen due to your business.  It does have a few notable exclusions such as: Professional liability, pollution, criminal or intentional acts, Workers Compensation, Abuse, Automobiles, damage to your work and more.  It is important you understand what is excluded on your policy, as these exclusions can be added back based on your business.  Please check with us to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Your building will typically be one of the biggest investments in your business you will want to ensure it is properly protected.  There are many types of coverage, and optional coverages that you will want to consider.  Our brokers can help you decide what coverage options are right for you and your business.

 This will include all of your desks, chairs, computers, printers, scanners, phones etc.  If you rent your office, it will also include any improvements you have made such as a built in front desk, signs, floors etc.

Depending on your office, you may have specialty equipment that can cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This equipment is typically listed individually.  It could be anything from medical equipment, to printers, phone systems etc.

If your building burned down how long would it take for you to get back in business?  This coverage pays for extra expenses in order to keep your business running, as well as the lost income resulting from the fire.

Other Items to Consider

Professional liability is excluded under your general liability in your policy.  Depending on what type of office you have it may be covered through your association.  If it is not, you should consider having it added to your office policy.

If you are a director of a corporation you could be held personally responsible for the decisions you make while you are a director.  A director and officer’s policy pays to defend you against lawsuits from your decisions as a director.

If your business relies on phones, computers or other electronic devices you should have this coverage.  It pays to replace the devices due to a surge in power, or if they suddenly and/or accidentally fail.

As businesses today store more information about their clients then ever before, hackers have larger incentives to steal your client’s information.  Cyber liability pays for the expenses to notify your clients, public relations expenses, and to defend your company from any lawsuits that occur due to the breach.

Crime coverage pays for employee theft, fraud and stolen cash.  If your business deals with any financial transactions, you should have crime coverage in order to protect yourself.

This coverage is important if you rent a building or unit.  This covers the damage to the part of the unit/building that you are responsible for.

By no means is this an exhaustive list – every office’s needs are unique as the work they do.  Please give our office a call 905-623-4406 and let us help you get the coverage you need.