Salon Insurance

Why Choose Us?

Salon Insurance saves the day by protecting your salon against unexpected, unforeseen expenses. Salon Insurance provides coverage for hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, massage therapy & more. With just a little bit of coverage you can be prepared to provide exceptional customer service and the confidence you need to grow your salon business.

The Basics

Slips and falls remain one of the most common claims, especially during the winter months.   It also covers liability from any products you sell.   Your general liability will pay for your defense costs and lawsuits if you are sued.

With working on clients hair, eyelashes, teeth, nails, etc there is always the possibility of accidentally injuring a client.  Professional liability will pay for any injuries that occur to your clients from your services.

Chairs, mirrors, stock, supplies, product, hair dryers, and more can add up very quickly if you had to replace them all at once.  We can insure all the contents in your business, including the improvements you have made to the space.

If your business is damaged you won’t be able to operate for days, weeks or even months.  This coverage pays for your lost income, or extra expenses so you can keep running your business until your space is repaired.

Other Coverage to Consider

Employee theft, counterfeit money, and robbery can happen to any store.  This coverage protects your business from crime that can occur.

Cyber Criminals are stealing more data everyday, which leaves all businesses vulnerable, especially as we all rely more on technology everyday.  Cyber liability coverage protects you and your clients from cyber criminals such as your credit/debit machine is compromised which leads to your client’s credit card information being stolen.  

If your furnace, air conditioning, or another part of your building suddenly fails your insurance can pay to repair or replace it.

Call one of our experienced brokers today at 905-623-4406.  We would happy to provide you with a quote and explain your different options for insurance, so you can feel confident in your coverage.