Tenant Insurance

For the Place You Call Home

There are many great reasons to rent over owning a home.  Fewer bills, responsibility, and unexpected costs are three of the biggest reasons.  This list can also be why you should have tenant’s insurance.  It pays for those unexpected costs so you can get back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

What Does Tenant Insurance Include?

Although you are not responsible for the building you live in, your tenant policy will pay for your personal possessions in case of a loss.  Unlike home insurance, there is no automatic limit for tenants insurance, which means you have to choose your own limit.  These policies are on replacement cost – meaning if your 10 year old TV is stolen, the insurance company will give you a brand new one.  There are a few limits such as on Jewelry, Collectibles, Money, Fine Arts, Paintings and more.  If you have something valuable please ask us how to best protect it!

If your apartment or house burns down to the ground, where will you live?  This is the part of the policy which provides you a place to live while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.  It could be a hotel, rented house, condo or even with a family member – there are many options to keep you comfortable until you can move back in.

If you accidentally burned down your friends house, would you have enough money in your bank account to repay them? For the vast majority the answer would be a resounding NO, which is why your liability is included as part of your policy.  Liability covers you and your family for your personal negligent actions.  We all make mistakes, and this coverage ensures you do not go bankrupt because of them.  Please ask us to further help you with this coverage, as it also has many other benefits.

What Other Coverage Should You Consider?

There are limits on items such as on Jewelry, Collectibles, Money, Fine Arts, Paintings and more.  If you have something valuable please ask us how to best protect it.

Although you may not be responsible for damage to the building from sewer backups, most of your contents that are damaged would most likely need to be replaced.  Although we typically only think sewer backups happen in the lower levels of a building, it does happen in apartment buildings as the drainage system can be clogged in one of the lower floors, leading to sewage in your apartment.

Water damage is occurring more often with changing weather.  Overland flooding occurs when there is no where for the water to go after a large rainfall or the snow melts too fast.  This coverage protects your contents against flooding, and provides you money to cover the additional costs if it does happen to you.

Although your insurance rate may be fantastic right now, what happens after you have a claim?  Most companies offer discounts for being claims free, which you would lose after your first claim.  Claims protection coverage provides you with the peace of mind to put through your claim without it worrying about affecting your rate.

Let one of our experienced brokers guide you through tenants insurance.  We balance the needs of every individual and understand everyone has different priorities.  Call today to let us help you 905-623-4406.